Tom Rooney | Issues
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Bringing a Commonsense Local Government Mindset to Springfield


As a local government official, I have had to abide by a more disciplined set of rules. We don’t have the luxury of hiding things from the public like the state of Illinois, especially our finances. We can’t paper over unbalanced budgets, or show phony revenue to offset overspending. We can’t hide from our constituents, but instead are 100% accountable to them for every decision. I wish state government was run more like our local governments. I will fight to instill this accountability, transparency, and discipline in state government, leading by example with my local government experience.

Champion Transparency and Lead by Example


Instilling transparency in Illinois is the single biggest cure for what ails our great state. Corruption can only happen in darkness; transparency is the cure for darkness. When people are participating in corruption, even they know it’s wrong, so they instinctually hide it. Removing the opportunity to hide public business is the best way to end the culture of corruption in Illinois.


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Use Economics to Balance Our Budget and Encourage Growth


Our state’s economy continues to lag that of our neighbors, and it’s time we took action to bring prosperity back to Illinois. With our natural advantages and educated workforce, there is no excuse for our economic woes. As an economics teacher, I will return the focus in Springfield to sound decision-making based on economic principles.


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Invest in Our Transportation Infrastructure


Economists across the country are pleading for infrastructure spending to lift us out of the economic doldrums that we’ve been in since 2007. This spending starts a virtuous cycle which benefits everyone, because everyone needs these roads and bridges, and the resulting jobs means more spending which means even more jobs.


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